You’re Fired!

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Today I got fired.

I signed the dismissal acknowledgement letter without even understanding why I was being terminated from my post. The company’s Human Resource Manager and General Manager sugar glazed their words as they lead me out of my workspace ensuring that I am an awesome person with a wonderful personality.

“Why did I get terminated then if I was really awesome?” This question repeatedly ran across my mind over and over as I walked out of the company. Worried about my future, I started walking home ignoring the fact that I will have to walk a really long way with files and water bottle in my hands.

“Who cares? I am jobless. I cannot afford to spend money on my GRAB car. Every penny is worth saving,” I speed up my steps resisting my emotions to break down and cry in the middle of the road. As waves of questions hit my mind, I found a temporary yet effective solution for my midlife crisis. Sleep. Sleep is the best medicine a confused person can have.

I woke up feeling much better. I sat down on my bed thinking what could have possibly gone wrong. I realised that I am an adult and this is normal in a corporate world. Everyone runs behind excellence. You should keep up with the pace or people behind you will trample and run over you. That is what exactly happened today. They found a better candidate, and my boss did not say otherwise.

I checked my bank balance and with the savings I have, I can eat rice two meals per day for one week and survive on instant noodle for about two more weeks. Thank god, I would still get the settlement for my last month of service. At this very moment, I recalled the advice given by my lecturer that I made fun off all my college years, “If you earn so much and never save anything then it’s pointless that you are working. Have a saving of at least 6 months so when you get thrown out of your company you will still survive while hunting for another job.” It made so much sense when the idea of eating instant noodle daily seem sickening.

I scrolled job ad websites high and low looking for a suitable job. The idea of instant noodle really hits me hard. I knew that I cannot be very choosy since I am I desperate for an income. Just then, I remembered about my monthly rental for my accommodation. Ok, that’s it! I quickly clicked on apply now button on every job prospect which I think I can do, including becoming a promoter at a local Watsons drugstore.

One of the sugar glazed sentence that my CEO told me was, “Your English is too basic and your writing skills are not up to our needs and demands.” That one sentence hurt my ego so much in a good way. I became so determined to brush up on my English proficiency. I want to prove him wrong when I perform at my best in some other place. Now that is one way of turning a negative comment into a positive encouragement. At the end of the day, your perspective, the way you look at an issue, is in our own hands.

Tonight, I will be going to sleep happily like a baby because I don’t have due dates and deadlines to worry about. I get to start over and work my way up in life, and prove to myself that I can be the best in any career that I choose. Every ending is a beginning of something new; a smooth sea never creates a skilful sailor. I want to be one of the skilful ones and many opportunities are standing right in front of my door, knocking hard. I am certainly giving it a huge space to come in. Cheers!

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8 shares, 10 points
Taarani Rajendran
Soon to be a bestelling author.. A writer stuck behind Networking.