Car Colour, Does It Matter?

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It is fortunate for us that we can actually see the world in colour, and we have taken full advantage of it to spice up our lives and show off our style. The colour of your clothes, the paint on your walls, your furniture, and even your car says something about you.

The colour you choose could be your favourite colour or indicate your mood on that day, but it could also mean something else. In the psychology of colours, each colour represents certain qualities.

Cars come in pretty standard colours, like white, black, silver, red and blue. However, you would have surely seen some colours that really pop on the road – custom paint jobs ordered by the proud car owners. I’ve seen light pink, baby blue, hot pink, fluorescent green, bright orange and shiny gold, to name just a few.

Here is a list of qualities associated with the colour of your car, according to the psychology of colours:


  1. Bright Red

Red is the colour of passion, energy, ambition and determination. Red is an energising colour. It is positive and warm, and exudes masculinity.

It is an indication of leadership and a pioneering spirit. It is the car colour for someone who likes to stand out and make things happen – a good-getter with success on his or her mind.


  1. White

White is the colour of purity and perfection. It is associated with innocence, wholeness and completion.

White also symbolises new beginnings – a clean slate or blank canvas waiting to be written or painted on. It also alludes to equality, denoting independence, impartiality, fairness and neutrality.


  1. Grey

Grey is quiet and reserved. It does not energise, rejuvenate, stimulate or excite. However, grey is stable and solid. It has the qualities of calmness and composure.

Somewhere in between white and black, grey is the colour of compromise. The person who favours grey can be detached or unemotional, but might take longer to make decisions.

When grey gets closer to black, it becomes more mysterious. When grey gets closer to white, it becomes more lively and illuminating.


  1. Brown

Brown is the colour of those who are down-to-earth, signifying stability, support and structure. People who favour brown are likely to be friendly yet serious people. Comfort, protection, security and material wealth are important to them.

This colour is closely associated with a strong sense of responsibility and duty, and indicative of support and protection of the family unit. Therefore, family and friends are top priority for these people, and they like to have a sense of belonging and feeling of security.


  1. Silver

Silver is the colour of reflection and illumination. It symbolises the removal of blockages, and the opening of new doors, lighting the way to the future.

It is also the colour associated with wealth and prestige. It is regarded as sophisticated, elegant and glamorous. Because it is shiny, it is closely connected with being hi-tech and modern.

From a colour psychology perspective, silver has the qualities of being courteous, dignified, responsible, patient, respectable, self-controlled, determined and organized. As such, the people who favour this colour are well-suited to the corporate world.


  1.  Blue

Blue is the colour of responsibility, trust and peace. The people who favour blue are likely to be loyal and have integrity.

In colour psychology, blue is responsible and reliable, with qualities of inner security and confidence. These are people you can count on to hold the fort and do the right thing in difficult situations.


  1. Black

Black absorbs all colours, and is the absence of light. It is the colour of secrecy and and has an air of mystery. Keeping things secret and hidden gives protection from emotional stress from external factors.  

From the perspective of colour psychology, black alludes to control and power, implying independence, discipline, self-control, and a strong will. It symbolises authority and power. On the other hand, those who favour black might be serious, conventional or conservative.

Successful women tend to wear black, because it is regarded as a colour of sophistication, elegance and confidence. Black is also associated with sexiness, as in the ‘little black dress’.


So, what does your car colour say about you?


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