Myanmar and Rohingya Muslims Issue: Suu Kyi Opts to Skip UN General Assembly Session


Despite growing international concerns towards Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, Nobel Prize winner and Myanmar leader, Aung San Suu Kyi said she would not attend the UN General Assembly next week that would be held in New York—according to Reuters, as cited from the leading media, the 7Day Daily.

However, the representatives of Myanmar will still attend the Assembly, namely Kyaw Tint Swe and Kyaw Tin. As for the background, these two are senior ministers under the leadership of Suu Kyi. Also in charge as seasoned diplomats, both Kyaw Tint Swe and Kyaw Tin were widely known for their defenses regarding the former military-dominated regime in Myanmar. It is reported that both of them would discuss the repatriation process of Rohingya Muslims and how international organizations can join the cooperation.

Actually, this is not the first time Suu Kyi refused to attend UN General Assembly as she did not attend the last year’s session where she was highly expected to come after the violence in Myanmar had just developed.

Under the leadership of Suu Kyi, Myanmar has refuted several allegations of abuses and has promised the world that the country would accept those who chose to return to Myanmar.

Myanmar also claimed that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has no legal access to investigate the issue of deported Rohingya Muslims. The ICC’s side defended its principle by mentioning its capability to rule on acts that partly happened in Bangladesh.

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Nadya Yolanda Moeda
A former travel blogger who is now a full time consultant & loves to write about everything under the sun