Good job! Thailand ups maternity leave days and severance pay   

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Last week, Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly passed amendments to its’ Labour Protection Act.

Although some considered it as a pre-election campaign, it is applaud to be in the right direction and has received positive response from its citizens.

The bill increased maternity leave period to 98 days from 90 days, with mothers being eligible to receive a 45-day pay from their respective employers and 45-day pay from the Social Security Fund. The 98-day maternity leave includes weekends and public holidays as well as annual leave.

The amendment also effectively increased severance pay for employees who have been working for their employers for more than 20 years.

This means that if an employee who has been working for their employer for more than 20 years is laid off, he or she will be entitled to compensation amounting to 400 days of their pay.

Compensation for the other workers with shorter employment period remains unchanged as follows:  30 days’ pay for employment of 120 days; 90 days’ pay for employment from one year to three years; 180 days’ pay for employment from 3-6 years; and 240 days’ pay for employment from 6-10 years; 300 days’ pay for employment of 10 years upward.


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