Filipinos’ Trust in Duterte Drop To Lowest Level

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Public trust in Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte fell to the lowest of his presidency, although he still maintained a rating of “very good”. This result based on the survey conducted by independent pollster Social Weather Stations (SWS) to gauge public opinion with a president’s personality.

The trust level in Duterte fell 8 points in the second quarter to +57 from +65 in an earlier poll. It was the popular leader’s lowest score in nine surveys taken since he took office in June 2016.

To reach each rating, the surveys subtract the percentage who respond with “low trust” in Duterte from those who said they had “much trust” in him.

SWS surveyed 1,200 people at the end of June, in a week when Duterte called God “stupid” during a verbal assault on the Catholic Church after top priests criticized his bloody anti-narcotics campaign, which has killed thousands of people.

Duterte again hit out at the church in a news conference on Saturday, calling priests’ groups “the most hypocritical institution in the Philippines today”, with the church facing child abuse cases in the Philippines and elsewhere.

Ramon Casiple, head of the Institute for Political and Electoral Reforms in Manila, said it was normal for a president’s rating to fall at the two-year stage of his term. The survey did not ask respondents to explain their score. Duterte had enjoyed high trust ratings, peaking at +79 shortly after taking office.



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