Cambodia Leader Hun Sen Wants the Worlds to Stay Out of Indochina Politics

Following the recent issue regarding the problematic election in Cambodia, Hun Sen, Cambodian Prime Minister (12/09) stated the political condition in Indochina is not an arena for the world to step in and wants countries outside of Indochina not to intervene.

As written by The Strait Times, Hun Sen also mentioned the international critiques regarding Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. According to him, Myanmar as a country whose military was accused of having genocidal intention by assassinating Rohingya Muslims should have handled its challenging issues independently. It seems that he mentioned this to support his previous argument.

“Countries which are outside of the region always slap our heads and tell us what to do”, he delivered this statement during the panel discussion with leaders of some Southeast Asian countries at the World Economic Forum on ASEAN in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Cited from the same source, Hun Sen added, “I raised this issue, not as a message for any particular country, but I would like to say that these Mekong countries are the political victims, so I request outsiders of the region who do not know about the issues to let us solve our problems.”

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Nadya Yolanda Moeda
A former travel blogger who is now a full time consultant & loves to write about everything under the sun