Indonesian Air Disasters Fact Sheet

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In the last two decades, Indonesia has had more than its fair share of air disasters. It is reported that at least 454 people have since been killed in these devastating incidents. This week, its air transportation safety alarm bell rang again, when yet another devastating air crash involving 189 passengers is reported.

Lion Air Crash Flight JT610

This latest incident involved a fairly new Boeing 737 MAX 8, one of Lion Air’s twelve existing airplanes of the same model. The pilot radio-ed for an RTB (Return to Base) after it took off from Jakarta. The request was approved, but the reasons were yet to be determined. Unfortunately, the air traffic control lost contact with the flight after thirteen minutes. The Black Box has yet to be found at the time of publication. 188 passengers onboard the flight is feared to be dead.

Quick Facts:

Flight: Lion Air JT610 (Boeing 737 MAX 8)

Route: Flying from the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta to Depati Amir Aiport in Pangkal Pinang (capital of the Bangka-Belitung tin mining region)

ETD: 6.20 am

Scheduled ETA: 7.10 am

Pilot: Captain Bhavye Suneja

Co-pilot: Harvino

Crews: Shintia Melina, Citra Noivita Anggelia, Alviani Hidayatul Solikha, Damayanti Simarmata, Mery Yulianda, and Deny Maula

Passengers: A total of 188 passengers on board, including 178 adult passengers, including a  child, 2 infants, 6 cabin crews and 2 pilots.

Unconfirmed reports say that 23 government officials (from the Finance Ministry), 4 employees of a state tin mine company PT Timah, and 3 employees of its subsidiary company, are among the passengers in this ill-fated flight.

AFP | Graphic on Lion Air JT 610 that crashed shortly after take-off on Monday with 189 people on board.


Indonesian air disasters over the years

1997: Garuda Indonesia A300 crashed in Medan, killing 214 people

2004: A Lion Air airplane skidded off a rain-slicked runway after landing in the Central Java City of Solo, killing 24 people

2014: An AirAsia plane crashed, killing 162 people

2015: Trigana Air crashed in Papua, killing 54 people

2016: Batik Air collided with a TransNusa plane. No one was injured

2016: Two Lion Air planes collided at the Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta Airport. No one was injured.

2017: Lion Air collided with a Wings Air plane as it landed on the Kualanamu Airport (Sumatra). No one was injured.

Indonesia’s air transportation industry has been experiencing growth in the last decade, mainly due to the increasing number of domestic passengers. It is critical that the authorities improve on its poor safety record.

How many more should become the victim of this lack of safety requirement?


Sources: The Sun, AFP, Reuters

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